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The history of how Chikara came about goes  right back to 1977 when the mark founder Sensei Mark D’Arcy started training at the oval karate club, a club led by the late sensei Doug Phillips 6th Dan. Sensei Phillips taught Shotokan karate on the Wirral from the late 1960’s and was a close personal friend to Kanazawa Sensei, during the following years the oval changed its name to Sen-no-Sen under the expert teachings and guidance of the then president Sensei Ronnie Colwell, teaching and classes were of the highest standard in kumite, kata and kobudo. In 1986 Chikara was born and affiliated with the BKA, it’s first dojo opening in pensby on the Wirral. To date Chikara has four dojo’s across the Wirral, Pensby, Upton, Hoylake and Noctorum with 5 sessions a week available.

 All Chikara members are fully licensed and insured through the BKA. The BKA are full members of the EKF (English Karate Federation) and the WKF (World Karate Federation).
The BKA and Chikara provide training opportunities with top class instructors across many styles to compliment our own training. The Association also provides National Championships every year and access to International events via the BKA squad.
Chikara has gone through many changes over the years to bring new opportunities and activities to the students, under the guidance of the two Senior Instructors sensei’s Mark D’Arcy (6th Dan) and the late Dave Young (5th Dan), who have both been involved in Martial Arts and more specifically Shotokan karate for over 30 years.
Chikara provides training throughout each week with different instructors at different locations across the Wirral.
Inter-club championships are now held bi-annually. Other training activities in weapons, Ladies self-defence, self defence and competitive kumite sessions are offered throughout the year.

Sensei Mark Fletcher (5th Dan) joined Chikara and teaches Goju Ryu Karate and Iaido along with Sensei Pete Jones 2nd Dan who teaches judo for Chikara.

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